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About Me

Hi, I’m Clare! I have extensive experience in working in digital archives and also a long history of volunteering with social justice organisations.

I’m currently working as Digital Archivist and Coordinator on the Archiving Reproductive Health project at the Digital Repository of Ireland. This means I won’t be doing SYS work for the next while, but if anyone wants to chat/get advice about archiving (especially digital archiving) the work of community/volunteer groups, or find out more about ARH, check out the link above. 

I have a total of 6 years’ experience in the archiving and records management sector, most recently as Education and Outreach Manager of the Digital Repository of Ireland, a national repository for arts and humanities records.

I have over 3 years’ experience volunteering in social justice organisations, including a central role in the successful Together for Yes referendum campaign and work in the campaign to Re-Elect President Michael D. Higgins. I have a deep understanding of the unique experiences and challenges of non-profit and voluntary social justice organisations.

Tá Gaeilge agam!


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