Why it matters

Charities, voluntary organisations and non-profits often contribute to significant social change but their stories are not always preserved as they should be. Organisations sometimes donate their archives to statutory bodies, but due to lack of resources, sometimes these records can stay uncatalogued and unseen for many years.

This has a knock-on effect on the histories that are written about important social movements. It can lead to the organisations who did the most not being included in the official story, due to a lack of accessible archives. Journalists, historians and writers rely on archive sources for their research. Without an organised and accessible archive, the histories we write about our present can lack essential information about the people and organisations that were on the front line of social change.

As well as the loss to the public record, organisations lose an important part of their internal story if their business records are incomplete, disorganised or inaccessible.

Charities, non-profits and voluntary organisations often work with shoestring resources and sometimes it’s all they can do to keep the daily show on the road. It’s understandable that there may not always be time and money available to invest in formal archiving. This is where Save Your Story comes in.

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