How we help

Save Your Story helps charities, non-profits and voluntary organisations manage and preserve their archives better. Through workshops, consultation and review of an organisation’s records, Save Your Story can help you get a coherent picture of your organisation’s archive and advise on the best way to both manage your business records and make your history more accessible to the public.

Save Your Story provides consultation with proven expertise in both the archiving and records management sector, and in voluntary/social justice work, at a reasonable cost.

Save Your Story can provide a ‘bridge’ between your organisation and statutory archiving entities that you may wish to donate your archives to, facilitating communication, demystifying the accessions process and helping your material be ‘archivist-ready’. This may help speed up the process of donation in the future.

We can also help your organisation prepare a temporary physical or digital archive that you can use to preserve your material before or in lieu of donating to an institution. If you are unsure where you would like your material to end up, or you are unclear about whether you have copyright and other relevant permissions to donate, this approach will help you keep a strong record of your story in the meantime. This kind of archive can be useful for preparing exhibitions and other public events.

Save Your Story also provides industry expertise in the field of archiving, including the growing area of digital archiving and the often thorny area of copyright. We cannot digitise your material for you, but we can advise on best practice in digitisation in a range of materials and formats.

Most importantly, Save Your Story works to help you tell your organisation’s unique story and make its legacy more visible on the national stage.

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